About Us

About Us

NAI Ruhl Commercial Company traces its origins back to 1862 when, as with most agencies, an ambitious entrepreneur established a sole proprietorship. As the business grew and prospered, it became a partnership, changing hands a number of times over the next thirty years or so. In 1899, the then successful insurance agency came under the control of John H. Ruhl. John had visions that went beyond the scope of his predecessors and it was he who established the guiding principles of quality, integrity and service that characterize the firm today.
One year after assuming control, John added real estate brokerage to the firm’s growing list of services establishing the duality of business functions that still exists. John Ruhl was joined by his sons, Edward Ruhl in 1919 and C. Arthur Ruhl in 1920. Although the boys were encouraged to work in all areas of the business, Edward gravitated towards real estate and C. Arthur towards insurance.

In 1949, John G. Ruhl, the oldest of C. Arthur Ruhl, joined the firm and was followed a year later by his brother Charles A. Ruhl, Sr. The firm by then had four full time real estate salesmen and was flourishing in both the real estate and insurance areas. The boys were told to learn both sides of the business, and did, although it was obvious that John preferred insurance and Charles favored real estate. The untimely death of Edward Ruhl in 1956 created an unfortunate necessity for Charles and John to pursue their specialty on a permanent basis. Edward’s death also brought about the need for more manpower. It was early the following year that a brother-in-law, Mary Ruhl’s husband, Don Challed, joined the firm concentrating on insurance.

C. Arthur Ruhl died in 1959 and his passing triggered the distinction between insurance and real estate. In January 1982 the insurance and real estate services split into separate entities so that each company could concentrate on growth and specialize in its practice specialty.

Today, the fourth generation of the Ruhl family has been added to the real estate firm, and is led by John G. Ruhl II and Caroline Ruhl. The leading full service commercial real estate company specializes in commercial sales and leasing, property management, development and consulting. NAI Ruhl Commercial Company corporate office is located in Davenport and has considerable market representation in Dubuque, Iowa and Moline Illinois with a staff of more than 30 real estate professionals.

NAI Ruhl Careers in the Quad Cities

To be considered for any of our positions, send your cover letter and resume to careers@ruhlcommercial.com. We try to respond to all applicants in a timely manner. We appreciate your interest.