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What is Draw a search?
The 'Draw Your Search' feature helps you find available properties within your own customized boundaries to give you control over what properties are available in the exact area where you would like to purchase or lease commercial real estate.

How does it work?
Step 1:Click the Draw Your Search button.
Step 2:Simply start clicking key points along the boundary of the area you want to search. Complete your shape by clicking on the first point you made, closing in your parameters.
Step 3:If you make a mistake you can drag each marker to a new position, or click the Erase Area to start a new draw search.
Step 4:Once you’ve drawn a search you can set additional filters like price, size and type by using Refine Button. The page is then updated with available properties in that area that match your search criteria.when you click the 'Listing' Button a new small window is open and it conatin small description of all available property in that map.You can go back to the property result page by clicking the 'Gallery' Button.